Excellenceform Company Limited is the manufacturer and distributor of furniture in variety of projects including office, retail, education, healthcare, and residential. We truly understand consumers' needs and we are here to customize any furniture design to suit the uniqueness and different function of your project. We devoted ourselves to offer superior quality, aesthetics design, and affordable prices products. With our highly skilled experts and world-class facilities, we have been given trust from clients all around the country.

Excellenceform Company Limited was established in 1993. Back then, the company's main focus was on office and modern trade furniture. We have now extended our services to interior and built-in furniture, making us a complete full-service provider.

For the past years, we have vast experiences gained in manufacturing and distributing high-quality furniture. At present, the company has huge numbers of customers who given us trust, and we will never stop striving for excellence in our products and services.


To be a total solution of office and home furniture that offering international standard quality at affordable prices.


To enable our customers to optimise the value through the quality of the products, delivery of inspiring furniture design, and superior services.


  • Strive for excellence
  • Customer satisfaction at heart
  • Employee commitment with deepest integrity
  • Environmental concerned with action